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Your Aberdeen office building may look tidy but tidiness is only skin deep. Do you really know how many germs are lurking on the desks, doorknobs and other surfaces of your office building? It may come as a shock but there could be millions of microbes posing a threat to the health of your employees and clients.

If your Aberdeen office building is covered in clutter, then harmful microbes affecting the health of your employees and clients are the least of your worries. When your place of work is messy, it says a lot of things about your business. You’re unprofessional. You’re ok with being sloppy. You don’t pay close attention to detail. These are not qualities you want clients to associate with your business.

Whether you are afraid of bacteria derailing productivity, you need a reputation makeover or it simply makes more fiscal sense to outsource your office cleaning, get in touch with Maryland Janitorial Services LLC today. We have been proud to serve all kinds of office buildings in the Aberdeen area for many years. We don’t discriminate on size or the type of work you do, our only objective is to make your organization yet another satisfied customer by always striving to be best professional cleaning company in town.

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Full-Service Office Cleanings

If you aren’t sure how you are going to fit our office cleaning services into your budget, it’s worth noting that you can consolidate all the different services you already use in one. For example, if you have one company that handles your window washing and another to wax and strip your floors every few months, wouldn’t it make more sense to go with a cleaning company that does both and so much more?

As licensed and bonded professional janitors, Maryland Janitorial Services LLC’s team can handle any task under the sun to boost the overall hygiene of your office. All you need to do is let us know which cleaning tasks are a priority for your office building and we will craft a custom cleaning schedule that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Give us a call today to let us know what you want us to do and we’ll be glad to do your dirty work at an affordable price.

We are available for daily cleaning service, regular maintenance and so much more.

Customizable Office Cleaning Services

We understand that providing the perfect cleaning service for your office requires careful planning, a dedicated team, and a lot of flexibility and innovation on our part. We’ll work with you to create a cleaning schedule and process that keeps your office building in top shape year-round.

By getting to know your property goals and challenges upfront and making it a top priority to complete regular check-ins with you, we’ll ensure you’re completely satisfied throughout the process. We’re here to tailor the perfect services for you, which means finding a personalized system that addresses the demands of your office. If your business needs to change its schedule or you’d like to increase or decrease services at any time, we quickly respond with actionable commercial office cleaning plans.

Here are just some of the business cleaning services we offer:

  • Window and glass cleaning
  • Wall and surface cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Surface disinfection
  • Washroom sanitation and restocking
  • Kitchen and lunchroom cleaning
  • Stain and grease removal
  • Floor cleaning, buffing, and waxing
  • Carpet steaming
  • Air duct cleaning
  • … and more!

Don’t ever feel like your cleaning company isn’t working for you. When you choose us, we’ll make sure you get just the cleaning services you need, and nothing else. That’s how we can promise perfect results!

Eco-Friendly Office Cleaning Services

Since one of the main reasons Aberdeen businesses invest in office cleaning services is to boost the overall quality of health in their building, they get concerned with the idea of harsh chemicals from cleaning products lingering in the air. That’s why we are proud to offer eco-friendly office cleaning services.

When you opt for these green office cleans, we will use non-toxic products that will not pollute your indoor air and won’t aggravate your employee’s asthma or allergies. Just let us know that you want us to use environmentally friendly cleaning products when you contact us today.

Affordable Office Cleaning Options

When you’re running a business, many costs can add up if you’re operating at full capacity. We understand how important it is to limit your expenditures in all areas, including your janitorial services. With us by your side, you’ll never have to worry about the cost of your cleaning services. We work with you to determine a plan that suits your budget, giving you confidence in our affordability before we even start.

You never have to pay for more services than you need, and we always keep our rates low by being efficient with our time and cleaning materials. We’ll always be transparent about our service costs because we want to uphold our reputation of being a reliable and trustworthy partner for Aberdeen businesses. Enjoy all the savings you’re looking for on regular janitor services when you give us a call.

Consultations for Office Cleaning

Before undertaking a cleaning routine for any client, we’re careful to ensure that the plan meets all the needs of our customers. We’re here to serve you, so we need to understand all that you’re looking for.

We begin every commercial cleaning partnership with an in-depth consultation call and a site visit. We want to understand your business routine and learn how we can adjust our services to fit in. To do this, we need to know the cleaning services you’ll require, how often you’ll need them, what times you can accommodate us on site, and the budget you can allocate to cleaning. From here, we can work with you to tailor a list of cleaning services that effectively get the job done without causing any strain to your day-to-day operations.

To book a consultation and get to work on a cleaner business, reach out to our cleaning specialists now!

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